10-Item Wardrobe Spring 2014

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The last looks in the designer's spring collection incorporated 3D elements, so audience members were also given a pair of the glasses to get the full effect.

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Exclusive Sneak Peek of CAbi’s Spring Collection. November 18, Share. CAbi Spring Collection, Spring CAbi Collection, spring fashion, womens fashion. more posts. Family Circle Magazine – December Issue. get organized: fall closet organization ideas from chief design officer kat .
The spring/ summer fashion trends are fun and speak of comfort along with an individualistic nature that we have thoroughly fallen in love with. Spring/ Summer Color Trends November 10, «Previous post. Elsa Hosk Dazzles in For Love & Lemons Holiday Lookbook.
For a trendy spring look, you should not miss the hottest boho fashion. Well, as you decide to try this unique fashion, you should know what are the key points to make a boho outfit: they are the headbands, printed tops, maxi dresses, hats and chunky jewelries or any accessories with bold prints.
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Posted on March 23, Author Fashion Addict 1 Comment on Breathtaking Polyvore Outfits – Spring Designers made something extraordinary for this Spring – inspired by a strong and confident women and a mixture of blooming flowers.

Of course, celebrities seem to be easily adapting the style for videos and entertainment, but it would be a rare sight to have someone in a gorgeous transparent golden Dior dress walk out, bralettes and high waist body contouring underwear shown off. Of course, we have the sheer nightgowns as well, but this particular trend really focuses on showing off the high waist or skimpy little pieces that cover those more private areas, effectively leaving you mostly naked before a crowd.

Versace was really rocking the style with nylon parkas and leggings, but we have seen the look throughout the Fashion Weeks, from the translucent DKNY designs to the gorgeous Max Mara that can double as comfortable office wardrobe.

These silhouettes were especially mixed up with the couture on the Paris runways, with Sacai, Off-White, Margiela and Fenty x Puma by Rihanna playing athleisure mixes with gowns and corsets. It certainly makes for an interesting show to say the least.

Something became clear throughout all the shows featuring this trend: On the contrary, the street looks are all the more intriguing, especially when those that do appear more gym-oriented are paired with peep-toe sandals or flats like the creations at Courreges instead of the runners we noticed at Christian Dior. Cascading frills are a common feature and while it counteracts the sleekness of many of the other designs, it certainly adds a good amount of fun to the whole thing, playing with texture and dimensions throughout.

The Tome collection featured some black and red looks that almost seemed to have a place at the court of the Queen of Hearts, while it was simply delectable to see the gorgeous ruffled lace that was tiered and translucent on the Zimmermann runway. Some looked really outstanding in terms of color combinations and overall cuts, with Altuzarra being a top house to successfully showcase this particular trend in good light. Lots of ruffles appeared on the runways as we just mentioned and nearly all designers make use of the trend at one point in their collections or another.

However, there is one particular look to the ruffles that needs its own category and that is the look, where the pretty additional embellishments come down in a diagonal manner, adding a bit of spice to the creations. They might be easily spotted or hidden among the folds, but the elegant angle really looks great and should certainly become a spring wardrobe staple.

Alexander McQueen, on the contrary, prefers the added bounce along the chest, and Ellery has fun with ruffles on suiting. Remember when the transparent looks came into play two years ago? They are still here and going strong it seems, but without the excessive show of nipples, instead playing subtly with showing off skin and hiding at the same time.

The cargos at DKNY were interesting to see and showed off quite a bit of what was underneath, but when we looked at the Zimmermann dresses and their lacing, there was everything to love about the subtle presentation of limbs underneath, without showing off too much. There is a certain sheer modesty style happening as a top trend for the spring and summer of , with silhouettes that would normally provide full coverage appearing in sheer materials instead, revamped and matched with pieces worn over or under, as seen at Coach.

It appears that seeing panties under skirts is still in style, à la Anna Sui and Rodarte. And then there are no panties in sight when we stare at the sheer dress the model walks onto stage with at Jason Wu. All in all though, sheer lace or anything that allows the body underneath to show majorly is in style at the moment, so free the nipple or cover with bralettes it matters not.

This is a trend that is not showing any sings of disappearing anytime soon, so we might actually start seeing more people with sheer tops and dresses and skirts on the streets soon enough. This is a huge trend on the runways for spring and it has gotten us wondering if we have entered an alternate dimension, where tailors intentionally sew things askew or entirely without matching the pieces. Nearly every designer seems to be tired of their job and decided to just cut and paste randomly, only to discover that this wacky idea might actually have a place on the fashion runways.

Whether we are looking at the denim based Concept Korea looks that somehow include an intact collar and then appears to have two different halves of shirts sewn together while entirely cutting out one shoulder, or the lovelier deconstructed shirtdresses from Alexander Wang, not to mention the total mess of a collection by Monse, it is hard not to keep noticing that the Mad Tailor has come to town. Button down shirts are a classic, without a doubt. We love seeing them, even when they appear in denim, which is also in style it appears.

We love them purely white and with pinstripes. What we were not expecting was seeing them cropped really short with long sleeves that are certainly longer than the usual, something we noticed at Alexander Wang, nor were we considering the wraparound shirts that actually look super awesome and perfect for the modern woman this coming spring, as per Elizabeth and James. It has been a while since the open midriff was heavily in but it seems to be making something of a comeback with relative ease if the past seasons are to be taken into consideration.

It appears we are going to be enjoying cropped sweaters as seen at Alexander Wang, while cropped heavily distressed denim tops appeared with matching skirts at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. While crop tops were to be expected, the bralettes were an interesting addition that we find absolutely no fault in whatsoever. Bralettes paired with high fashion robes as seen at Alexander Wang only increased our desire to throw up our feet and enjoy a night of awesome Good Wife reruns. Here, the bras and bralettes are the layering piece, worn under or over the clothing, as seen on Kenzo and Carven respectively.

Remember when padded shoulders were huge? There is just so much fun in the angularity and Saint Laurent totally proved it can combine modern with the retro as it showed off Le Smoking, a tuxedo jacket with nothing underneath the silken lapels, and certainly no pants.

As for the hair, the square shoulders were made bolder with the straight cut to the top of the head. This includes the square shoulders and the sequins and the poof sleeves, but it also includes so much more.

Décolletage is gorgeous to show off no matter what and when you add the shoulders and tops of the arms to the mix, it only gets lovelier as we have seen on the runways throughout the past few weeks.

At David Koma , the trend was paired with puffed-up sleeves and a short skirt, bringing a modernized Elizabethan theme to mind.

Off-the-shoulder voluminous sleeved cropped tops certainly caught our attention in their blush coloring on the Blumarine runway in Milan though! Legs are shown off beautifully no matter how the slit is placed and the final product is one that is thoroughly enticing, appearing on sequin gowns, such as that at Monse and lovely revealing day dresses with plunging necklines and side slits such as that found on the Alexander Wang runway. Versace played with ruching and slits with her collection, giving us some totally lovable casual-appearing dresses to put on.

Some designers like Altuzarra played with longer hems and sleeves, flouncy layered ruffles and cinched waists to give the plunging Vs a more demure outlook, while it takes on a whole different dimension when we look at the ironic workwear offered by Hood by Air. Add in a side slit up the thigh and you get some pretty cool Alexander Wang looks to check out this coming spring.

We can easily say that this is a top spring fashion trend to enjoy in all manners. It may be for spring and often paired with short skirts or cropped pants, but there is one thing that we see a whole lot of and that is sweatshirts on the runway. It is a classic athleisure staple but deserves its own category because it appeared so many times throughout the shows.

Some even added in the elongated sleeves trend, whole apparent with the miniskirt combination at Vera Wang. We see a whole bunch of the more classic looks of Western designs appear on the runway, gorgeous in white at Rodarte with the fringed and dotted embellishments. Anna Sui brought in the leather and cowgirl hats, while Coach gave it a punkish modern edge.

When pajamas and nightgowns appeared as a viable outerwear dress code a few seasons back, we were shocked. Then we were pleased. Now we are wondering how long this trend is meant to last. After all, wearing head to toe pinstriped pajamas would never have been a top choice in workwear.

The baggy pieces seen at Adam Selman are pretty interesting to say the least. Milan really emphasized this spring fashion trend, but it was equally seen in London and New York before that and Paris afterwards.

Add in some high quality fashion robes as seen on the New York runways and you are all set with this trend. Gorgeous sweaters are a common look on the catwalk these days but what makes them special more than the fact that they are cargo is the fact that their sleeves are so long, it appears that the tailor merely forgot about that detail.

Whether in gingham like with Pringle of Scotland or paired with a gorgeous thigh split skirt as seen on the David Koma runway, the truly long sleeves have been a very strange commonality among the Fashion Weeks. That means the large cargo pockets to fill up on the go and the bungee cord drawstrings to ease things for you, as well as the hooded nylon anoraks that really do not look as bad as you think they would.

The Paris runways were full of these types of intriguing pieces that are made to make life as easy for the wearer as possible while still remaining fashionable. The generally effortless fits are certainly something fashion lovers and the regular folk alike are heavily into, from the khaki to the fatigue silhouettes.

If we had missed cargo pockets, it was not made clear but it seems that we are getting back those oversized beauties whether we want them or not. There is just something that screams comfort about them, as well as total convenience as we tuck extra cash, papers, phones, etc. Cargo pants come in some silky shiny looks as seen at Sies Marjan or as transparent creations such as that which graced the runway at DKNY, while the midi skirts with the cargo pockets at A Detacher was definitely found to be appealing by the ladies, who prefer to appear a bit more feminine while fitting in to society instead of standing out due to fashion choices.

It has not been featured in any other season, which immediately increases its overall appeal. Layered bottoms have existed in the form of shorts over leggings and similar designs, but the whole full out pant-on-pant style is new and fresh and thoroughly intriguing. It is a street style staple of late it appears and appears often in the limelight on the Fashion Week shows around the world, literally becoming one of the easiest ways of making an outfit look new again.

Tibi decided to layer in such a way that the waistband would be different from the rest of the pants shown off, while Eckhaus Latta opted for a similar pair to appear under one that was slit at the sides, adding additional hues to the designs. As for Monse, we were entirely too thrown off by the strangeness of some of the stitching, the layered pants instead appearing like Two Face was in the house.

There is a certain Frankenstein effect to it all, with panels of the same shade or the combination of two large pieces of fabric to add to the beauty of a garment, creating additional volume and intrigue around the pieces. Claudia Li played with pale blue and white paneling, while it looked incredible when seen on the Proenza Schouler show in black and white and off the shoulder.

Yohji Yamamato plays on colors as well, adding bright poppy to stark blacks. To date, we often found it tacky to be wearing the logo of the top brands on your chest but it seems that spring fashion trends bring that snobby fad where you clearly state to the world that you have enough dough to get yourself a designer outfit. So pick up those pieces with the logos and head out onto the street to tell everyone exactly how much you love wearing your designer products.

While many designers opted for their logos, there were quite a few who have causes they support and thoughts that need to be relayed, of a social or even political nature, and the dress became the medium for it. Short skirts and pretty ruffles look even better when the material used is not a simple fabric but lovely knitwear and crochet.

It has been a top trend that has been racking up the sales over the past few months and it seems that it will continue to do so come spring Crochet was popular in Milan but not only, as people all over have realized that knit products are so much better to own than simple fabrics. Missoni , MSGM , Versace, Attico and many others adhered to this trend and with the gorgeous color combinations added, it is certain to be one of the best received trends of the season.

Whether we are looking at Simone Rocha, David Koma, Ashley Williams or a ton more designers, one huge look that has made it onto the runway as a well-known spring trend is the puffed up sleeves that come in jackets, dresses, shirts and even off the shoulder designs. Party frocks with these large bells certainly made the list as the runways were full of volume around the arms and shoulders, bringing the attention to the torso even if the legs were bared.

As for Jacquemus, we would have been surprised if there was no walk of shame reference, this time the ladies appearing on stage in a lovely shirt and nary a bottom in sight. Off the shoulders were combined with cinched sleeves that come down to the elbows for a lovely shiny long dress in a candy cultured pink at Oscar de la Renta , while we enjoy seeing this trend take over all across the Fashion Week runways.

There are dresses and then there are dresses where it looks like someone was very scissor-happy and chopped off shoulders, sides and random areas. Or he was a really good tailor and took on the dresses David Koma style, placing the cuts strategically to bring about maximum beauty.

The slicing has certainly been an intriguing spring trend from all that we have seen. Long sleeves or short, cinched waists or voluminous, long hems or thigh grazing, we see a whole lot of shirtdresses appearing on the runways these days and we love it sincerely.

This trend is the perfect mix of casual and somewhat dressy, easy to wear and still totally chic. Banana Republic adds major length, while 3. You could always go white and a bit on the sheer side or stick to a conventional belted tunic look. There is something especially attractive about having suit pieces as part of your wardrobe, immediately adding maturity and a sense of professional style to the outfits flaunted about on the streets, at work or merely on a day strolling about town.

Supersizing the suiting was really fun with all the pinstripes at Jacquemus, while Celine and Sonia Rykiel ensured the ladies had just the right amount of volume and comfort with specific tailoring to ensure that the ready-to-wear collection would be enticing to all.

The modern way to go seems to be a rounded shoulder or puff sleeves, with shiny dresses that have hems skimming the top regions of the thighs quite comfortably. They should have turned the heat up for those poor girls. The first one has goose bumps! I love all the textures and shapes though! The shots are fantastic! Just makes me feel ill all over again. A potentially interesting but apparently not fully thought-through concept meets seriously iffy execution.

The people in line for the show did far better. I Love JW Anderson. If I was prim and proper enough not to get wine, beer, coffee, chocolate and salad dressing all over myself on a daily basis, I would wear white everyday. Sadly, I am a mucky pup and I spend a lot of time at the dry cleaners.

This looks like a Project Runway challenge where all the outfits had to be made out of objects from a stuffy French restaurant. I see bad curtains, napkins, table linens, a mop…. I wish the pieces were more finished looking. I appreciate the statement they are making, but the details of the construction turn me off…. This is one of the few actually progressive collections seen in years. It has more nouse than, say, so much of the recent rather pretentious, faux-outré of safe-playing Prada who are really dealing in big print and pattern on almost traditional shapes, whereas this really challenges conventional body forms and the way we cover it.

Not all to be worn at once, but styled in, played with. A new philosophy here. Would love to see how these move on the girls.

And exposed construction elements. Delicate drapery with sturdy footwear in contrast. I know nothing of these things but it does seem to have a bit of the future. To me this looks incredibly lazy craftsmanship. Someone hastily stapled random shapes in abstract-artsy way over the models, taking care not to cover the breasts too much, and waited for the fashion world to swoon.

Are these things wearable on the streets? At least it takes a lot courage to go out in one of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The constructed outfit 3 looks indeed very interesting. Subscribe to the content of this blog, in the rss feed reader of your choice. Do not use or reproduce without permission. Hosted by Powered by Site by Colorz.

Thursday, September 19, J. Comments Close comment Jump to comment form. Nadia September 19, at Jessica September 19, at Andy September 19, at I have mixed feelings about this collection. Quyen September 19, at 1: ChamaFashion September 19, at 1: Really — too weird for me — and those ugly shoes! Christina September 19, at 2: The first photo took my breath away! InsideHoops September 19, at 2: And someone please feed the models.

I say this with complete respect to the world of fashion. And, the photography is good. James W September 19, at 3: Parul September 22, at Rachel Morin October 5, at 5: Mira September 19, at 2: Cumm Staiines September 19, at 2: H September 19, at 6: Yohanna September 19, at 2: Glostersing Maria September 19, at 3: Beth September 19, at 3: This is SO good. First and third pieces are super inspiring.

Viktoria November 13, at 5: LW September 19, at 4: Could they look any more sad? A smile is still, and always will be, the single most inspiring thing to put on in the morning. Mafalda September 19, at 4: Rebecca September 22, at 3: Alessia September 19, at 4: Zaena September 19, at 5: Boxer's Adventures International Blog September 19, at 5: Loss for words here. Filuzi September 19, at 5: I think that would be a perfect style for a contemporary Cleopatra movie.

Denisa September 19, at 5: LesFleurs September 19, at 6:

#2: Sassy Sequins

Spring Fashion Trend: Collarless Coats Another strong spring layering piece: the long, streamlined coat, minus the collar or lapel. You could always go safe with a neutral or solid color, but take a risk with fun prints or embellished denim. All the Spring Ready-to-Wear fashion show coverage in one place. Designer collections, reviews, photos, videos, and more. The spring season has shuffled off the runways of the big four fashion capitals, giving us plenty to look forward to. But let’s face it; we’re impatient. Not only do we want these pretty, shiny new things now because they’re pretty, new and shiny, we want them so we can get on top of the.

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